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Our Scuba instructors conduct Open Water Diving classes at local YMCAs several times a year.

Courses in Open Water Diving, Advanced Diving, CPR, Diver Rescue and Accident Management are also offered. For details on upcoming classes hit the "contact us" icon at the bottom of this page,

As divers and instructors, we have dedicated ourselves to the quest for ever better ways to teach others to enjoy the underwater world. That is our heritage. Our approach to teaching is informative and fun with stress on safety and water confidence.Throughout the history of sport diving, we have strived to maintain an unsurpassed level of standards. Those standards have changed as our knowledge and depth of experience have changed, so if you have been thinking of diving and are looking for the best possible dive education available, contact us with your questions.

The first national scuba training program in this country was developed by the YMCA in 1959, one year after the Aqua Amigos Scuba Club was founded. Over the years, Club scuba instructors taught and certified students as YMCA divers. When YMCA of the USA decided to sunset the YScuba program in 2008 after 50 years of service, those YMCA instructors who had developed the YScuba program formed Scuba Educators International (SEI) to continue the heritage of thorough and quality scuba instruction. SEI is an internationally recognized training agency, with instructors in Italy, Japan and Korea, as well as the United States. Club instructors are now SEI Instructors and also offer CMAS certification.

Meet our instructors:

Tony Frazer -Instructor
Tony was first certified in April of 1987 in Hawaii while serving with the US Coast Guard. Tony has held positions of President and Trustee of the Aqua Amigos and he also serves on the board of directors for M.A.S.T. (Maritime Archeological Survey Team). Tony has extensive dive experience, from the clear blue warm waters of the South Pacific, Eastern seaboard and Caribbean to the cold dark waters of Alaska and the Great Lakes. Tony brings a wealth of practical diving and Maritime knowledge to share.
Jason Jason Frank - Instructor
Jason is a former U.S. Marine and has been an avid diver since he was certified in 2004. His dive experiences range from the reefs of Florida and Cozumel to the Shipwrecks of North Carolina and Lake Erie. Since 2005, Jason has  served as President, Vice President and is currently Trustee for the Aqua Amigos Scuba Club. Jason volunteers at the U.S.S. Cod submarine memorial as their Underwater Hull Inspector, and previously served as a lead exhibit diver at the Greater Cleveland Aquarium. Jason holds a specialty rating for teaching Nitrox and Drysuit courses as well. With well over 500+ dives, he brings a experience and knowledge to each class.
Ellen Ellen Holland Keller - Instructor
Ellen is a SEI Scuba Instructor and an Instructor Trainer. She earned her YMCA Scuba Instructor rating in 1976 and served on the National Advisory Committee for the YMCA Scuba Program from 1994 through 2003. When the Y terminated its scuba program in 2008, Ellen joined with other former Y instructors to begin Scuba Educators International (“SEI”), an international training agency whose mission is to continue and to improve the same high standards of scuba education. Ellen currently teaches the basic Open Water Scuba Class at West End YMCA, as well as a number of other scuba courses, such as Dive Rescue and Accident Management. Ellen is also a Dive Emergency Specialist Instructor for DAN and teaches a number of DAN courses. Ellen’s diving experience includes many dives in British Columbia, Nova Scotia, the Red Sea, Indonesia and other places in addition to Ohio waters.
John Zelina - Dive Master
John became Open water certified in September of 2005. Subsequently he obtained advanced open water, dry suit, nitrox, and rescue certifications. John holds oxygen provider and CPR certifications, and currently holds a Dive Master rating. He has been helping Ellen, Jason and Tony with the open water students since 2012. John has experience diving the east coast off of the Carolina’s, the west coast around Catalina Island along with the Caribbean and drift diving the Niagara River. John spends most of his time diving the “pristine” waters of Lake Erie and the many wrecks that lie on her bottom. John has served the Amigos as Secretary and Vice President. He currently serves as President.
Kelly Robert Kelly - Instructor Emeritus
"Kelly" first became interested in diving during the Reign of Ramsey the 2nd , his first dive class was the beginning of 7 centuries of Aquatic interest. Following Moses out of Egypt he was instrumental in the crossing of the red sea. After the fall of the Roman empire and thru the dark ages Bob honed his diving skills. Once the new world was discovered he ventured westward again teaming up with Moses Cleveland settling the northern Ohio area. When the YMCA started Scuba certifications Bob added that to his resume. With centuries of diving experience there is no better instructor around. If you are interested in taking a class you will need to supply your own goat bladder and rock on a rope. All kidding aside, Bob Kelly has been an instructor for over 30 years and has provided intruction to thousands of students.
Ellen Allen Krall - Instructor Emeritus
Allen Krall certified May 1969 with theYMCA Scuba Program. Allen joined the Aqua Amigos Scuba Club in June 1969. In the Fall of 1969, Allen started to assist his instructor as a pool assistant. He progressed through the leadership classifications with the YMCA Scuba Program until he certified as a Gold Star Scuba Instructor in 1976. Allen certified to teach the Scuba Lifesaving and Accident Management Course (SLAM) when this program was introduced in the early 1980's. Due to job commitments, Allen had to retire as an Instructor in 1986. He is now classified as an Instructor Emeritus with the YMCA Scuba Program. Allen has remained a member in good standing with the Aqua Amigos Scuba Club since he joined in 1969.
Ken Ken Marshall - Instructor
Ken Marshall has been instructing scuba since 1996. He can occasionally be found helping with the Open Water Diver class but is more often found teaching the advanced and specialty courses like Advanced Diver, Diver Rescue, Dry Suit, Nitrox, Underwater Archaeology Diver, and Wreck Diver. Ken holds numerous diver certifications and has made in excess of 750 dives including: Caribbean reefs, Florida caves, Ice dives, and of course many Great Lakes wrecks. In addition to the Aqua Amigos (AA), Ken is a member of the Lake Erie Wreck Divers (LEWD), Bay Area Divers (BAD), and the Maritime Archaeological Survey Team (MAST) including serving on the MAST Board of Directors. Ken is also a registered Professional Engineer specializing in technical investigations.

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